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How to Fix dents across the flooring moving Furniture?

Hey guys back at it again with a fabulous tip for all homes and rental apartment properties around Australia and New Zealand. One of the most common problems when moving home or selling happens to be damages left from the fridge, chest of draws, table and office cabinets. By keeping you house in the best condition, you will be able to sell your house and leave your old home without issues from your realtor. One of the major issue is when people dent and or scratch the flooring surfaces in your home.


This is a problem for the owners around Australia because they do not want to sand all their flooring or replace the flooring if there were to many damage, as it is very, very expensive and waste of time.

So what is the solution?

Well the solution in fact is very simple and it is not using a Walnut to rub the dent out!! We have tested many products to provide the highest quality solution and only one has really moved its way to the top. This is a clear wax. A clear wax allows for dents up to 3 mm in depth, to be filled in and replicate the wood grains underneath. Surprisingly the finished repair is around 99 - 100% complete.

Its the cheapest way to find a high quality finish equal to and even better than your professional tradesman. We hope that you can get some good insight bring some value towards your house or apartment and hopefully save you a lot of time and money!

Some quick steps to follow are:

1. Clean the damage.

2. Smooth out the dent to take out as much depth from the dent as possible.

3. Fill in with some clear wax and sand over the damage taking off the excess product. This will allow

for the surface to be almost the same level as the surrounding flooring.

4. If you have lacquer that matches the surrounding flooring (in terms of whether it is high or matte finish), then you can spray a small coat over to get a better finish.

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