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When to use the right product to use?

When asking yourself the question of when to use a product or another instead of one should be frequently reoccurring. This is meant to confuse anyone who uses repair products, but in fact a process that will make surface repairing more efficient. Today we will be talking about a product that is very versatile in its uses for cleaning sensitive surfaces which is called The Furniture Cleaner by Konig Australia.

The Furniture cleaner is a perfect cleaner designed for thorough cleaning and maintenance of varnished furniture surfaces (high-gloss surfaces to be wiped off with a damp cloth after cleaning).

-Can also be used to clean perspex, screens, marble plates and synthetic leather covers. Removes labels, adhesive residue.

-Not suitable for the cleaning of large areas such as the maintenance of floorings.

There are many surfaces that do not like to be cleaned by many standard cleaning products when repairing damages. When we use the waxs for repairs we like to use such products as thinners to chemically strip off the wax for smooth finishes but this can have a bad reaction with some surfaces damaging the original finish.

What we have started using is the furniture cleaner on surfaces to clean and degrease the wax in the same way as using thinners. The result is a repair that looks as good as using the original technique.

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