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A Trip To Germany Inspired A Father & Son To Start König Australia

König Australia is a repair specialist company that solves problems for all tradesman.

 Inspired by the new technology using Germany Engineering, we import high quality,

made products and repair kits that tradesman use to repair surfaces to hide

damages and defects.

The photo is of where it all started in Frankfurt Germay. This is the manufacturig factory in Germany for Heinrich Konig products. All th Konig Australi products are made out of this factor and shipped to Australia where customers can purchase.
This is in our manufacturing facitilty in Germany. Here you will find one of the staff packing Konig Australia shipment. All Konig productsare German made and are the high quality.
We started this company after visiting the German manufacturer on our holiday to Germany, France and England. A few months before we visit German we had damaged our tiled floor with a pool ball (snooker ball) coming off the table and chipping the tile. We discovered that there were no repair products to solve this problem. 
When we tested these sample kits and their products on our tiled floors, we struggled to find any other product that was able to replicate a repair and colour that achieved such high quality replication of the original surface. Recognizing that we weren't alone with this problem, we launched König Australia.
After meeting with the Heinrich König & Co. Managing Director and Production team, we became their Australian and New Zealand partner.
We are innovative brand that believes that every tradesman should have the ability to repair not replace. We want our brand to create and represent strong relationships between our products and our tradesman of today. Our values strive for community, quality and heritage.
We are a company that creates innovative and effective repair product for all damages and defects. Our products provides repair and maintenance solutions for surfaces made from wood, plastic, stone and metal. The product range comprises diverse fillers, touch-up materials like pens, pigments and dyes up to spray lacquers as well as maintenance and cleaning products. 
We supply worldwide the furniture, parquet and laminate manufacturers as well as the door and window industry, the furniture trade, carpenters, restorers, stone masons, hotels and gastronomy, facility management, boat and yacht building industry and the private consumer.
This is Greg Webster the Director of Konig Australia at he Desgin Build show in 2018. Here we discuss with new prospects about repairing damaged tiles, timber flooring, casesar stone, laminate benchtop and the many differnt contractors we have around Australia and New Zealand.
This is James Webste the Product and Training Specialist for Konig Australia. He is at th 2018 Desgin Build discussing konig training for Tiles, Timber and Stone.
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