Timber Colour Shade Adjustment

There are many times we are called out to help repair pre finishes boards, engineered and real wood floors that have discolouration throughout the timber. Most of the time all you will hear is that "its the natural deviation in the timber". We all know the customer will never be happy with this.

So is there a solution? Yes, of course there is.

Konig Australia holds the largest colour range in the world tailored to all timber colours. One of the products that will be discussed through the article is basically the best way of making the defect look invisible.

Follow these simple steps to achieve the best finish:

Step 1.

Products Required: Furniture Refresher and dry sandpaper

Clean surface with a light cleaner or furniture refresher and roughen with Sandpaper, grain 320/400. Finally, sand with Wire Wool 000 or with the 1500 grit Sanding Pad.This allows the pours of the timber to be open, ready for any absorption permitting any product to adhere the best.