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Repairing Fine Scratches

So you need to repair some fine scratches on timber. The first thing you will need to do is to test the damaged surface with some spit or water. If the damage vanishes then you can use transparent products like Softwax, Hardwax, Hardwax PLUS, Lacquer Spray cans and pens.

Step 1:

Use our Eco Cleaner to gently rub the damaged area. This is will tell you need to use a clear filler or lacquer to repair because the top layer has only been damaged.

Step 2:

Fill scratches with the Transparent Hard Wax 900 using the Hot Knife. Using the Blade of the Heater improves spreading of the wax without creating too much overfill.

Step 3.

Remove surplus wax with the Special Scraper.

Step 4.

Rub rapidly with the Special Fillers Applicator in the direction of the grain to restore the surface structure. This will level of the product more and develop a Matt Texture.

Step 5.

Seal filled damage by misting with Furniture Lacquer PLUS from a distance of 30-40 cm – do not spray too wet otherwise it will become over sprayed. Always Mist Dusting when spraying lacquer.

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