Konig Australia offers the largest and most diverse product range for repairing surfaces such as tiles, real wood & artificial flooring, kitchen stone benchtops, laminate benchtops, caravans, UPVC windows, sanitary ceramics and furniture.


We provide Australia's N.0 1 repair service for damaged surfaces. Whether it's Timber Flooring, Tiles, Stone Benchtops or furniture, we provide skilled repair specialist for your repair needs.


Our training is in house and hands on. Participants gain hands on experience with our trainer whom has 9 months of training with the manufacturer in Germany.

Our Repair Kits, Diverse Product Range, Hands on Training & Customer Service 

is all you need to repair damages.

We provide high-quality products bearing the "Made in Germany" seal of quality for the repair and maintenance of surfaces made from Wood, Plastic, Stone, Tile and Metal. The product range comprises diverse fillers, touch-up materials like pens, pigments and dyes up to spray lacquers as well as maintenance and cleaning products. 

If you are a: 

Carpenter, Builder, Stone masonry, Restorers, Hotels, Facility Management, Furniture Industry, Parquet and Laminate Industry, Floor Sander, Door and Window Industry, 

Yacht Building and Maintenance.

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