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Specialised Surface repair products for the Australian & New Zealand tradesman

All industries covered.

How to repair a glass balustrade exploding on to timber floor? We can repair damages to timber floors hiding nearly any damage. Whether it is scratch or chipped flooring.
Repaering a glass balustrade explosion onto a natural timber floor and stair case causing large chips in the flooring.

Let our premium product range answer all your problems.
Utilising 130 years of manufacturing, superior products, German made quality and backed by a expert team specialising in fixing damaged surfaces. We take a comprehensive approach to surface repairs, offering our customers a fully integrated service.

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Konig Repair kits designed for fixing chipped, scratched and damaged timber floors, tile, stone benchtops, cabinetry doors, joinery, bath tubs, toilets, tables, furniture, brick and more.

Universal Repair Set
Pro tools. Pro repairs. Pro performance.

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Universal 1 interior finish repair kits is the ultimate repair system for any contractor. It has nearly every product in the range to allow for any user to provide the highest quality of repairs on natural and artificial timber surfaces.

Professional Repair Kit PLUS

Twice the product. Twice the size.

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Professional Repair Kit PLUS is designed for the intermediate person looking at having a variety of fillers, touch up and sealing products in one package.


Moisture & Bloom Remover

Spray a layer of Bloom Remover.

Take water, alcohol and grey marks out of one pack coatings

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Moister & Bloom Eliminator PLIUS can be sprayed on to damages such as greying/white marks, water marks and alcohol marks. Th spray will reset the lacquer creating a new surface hiding the damage perfectly.

Ceramic Repair Kit

The Ceramic Repair kit allows the user to repair damaged chips and scratch on tiles. The 20 colour of ceramic filler can be intermixed to achieve to blend the damage into the rest of the tile.

Colour Matching Service

Want to match a colour?
Ask the team in house to match any surface to Konig's wide colour range.

Konig provides a colour matching service with all products in the current range and also custom colours to be manufactured.

About Us

Established 1892.

Research. Innovation. Production.

Where we started.

The photo is of where it all started in Frankfurt Germay. This is the manufacturig factory in Germany for Heinrich Konig products. All th Konig Australi products are made out of this factor and shipped to Australia where customers can purchase.
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