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5 Things You Need To Know When Repairing Matt Surfaces

Congratulations on your decision to join the rank of quality repair specialist, learning more for better repair solutions! Unless you have been under a rock, you know that Matt surfaces are trending like crazy. Popping up in new residential apartments, commercial building complexes and all new home building throughout Australia. Lots of people do not understand that Matt, yes is a good surface to repair but most of the products to fill any damage are generally not Matt. Here are a few strategies and things you might need to know to provide the highest quality repairs on Matt Surfaces. Check 'em out right here.

1. Filling the damage with the WRONG product.

The are many cases where people use just bog. I mean come on guys, do we not understand that there are new ways to get the best results? But sometimes this happens, so we give the benefit of doubt for new comers in the repair game. One of our best and tested products is the Hardwax. It’s extremely versatile and can be used in many different repair situations. There are many pro’s such as how quick it melts and hardens, large colour selection and leveling ability due to how elastic the wax is. The con is that since it is a wax-based product there is a shine for the sheen. When working on Matt to Deep Matt Surfaces you need now gloss in sight to be around. To sort out this problem we have devised a few techniques in the next point.

2. Take care of the surfaces around your repair.

Just because you are doing a repair means you have to have bigger picture in mind. The overall appearance of the repair must be in tune with the surface around it. Focus on the small details such as, the sheen of oil from fingers, dirt, dust and even hair for Christs sake... We here a Konig take great care for this surrounding surface area and apply a few different products to achieve this.

  • Thinners are GOLD! We use a specific type of thinner that has the right amount of strength and weakness to not be too aggressive yet do the job. Also, in the bag we carry a mild alcoholic spray for the lighter side of cleaning which will never damage the surface area.

3. Having the ability to adjust the sheen of the wax.

There are always new ways to hide certain problems. We have and are constantly being provide innovative problem-solving solutions from our contractors around Australia. Its cool to get new methods but also, we provide so much information that can be useful for you guys.

  • Using the Sanding Pad Coarse allows for sheen adjusting. The small directional patterns in the grey pad de-grease the surface area quiet well for the first stage of sheen adjusting.

  • Secondly, why not use thinners again! The thinners chemical properties take of extra material perfectly. This can make for a two punch knock out in the sheen adjusting to be on point.

4. Using the right lacquer to seal and achieve the best finish

Most people who work with different sheen level understand what a lacquer is. Lacquer is simply a one of many finishing products that allow the surface to be protected and have a specific sheen level. Maybe Matt, Silk Matt, Silk Gloss, Gloss or even High Gloss if you’re lucky. The lacquer spray can is one of the quickest forms of a way to get sheen perfect. Don’t forget, spot test to see if the adhesion is good.

5. Filling using the RIGHT product.

Well we always don’t get it right, but we try our best. Sometimes you may not have all the tools or products to achieve the best sheen possibly but luckily enough we have found a product for you. Its called the Hardwax Matt.

Essentially you can eliminate all the steps above and repair your Matt surfaces with the one product. I would say this product has changed the way we use it in repairs and how our contractors and customers do to. The importance of having this product Matt to start off allows the user to develop perfect or almost perfect sheens from just the filling stage of the damage. Then to be safe we would recommend spraying a lacquer on top for added protection for the repair to last with daily wear and tear.


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