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5 ways to sell you home faster in Summer

| By Konig Australia |


A fresh coat of a neutral paint colour can work wonders. Use it where needed to cover up more controversial colours, which could put off potential buyers by restricting their vision for the property.

During Spring fresh vibrant colour also create very fresh rooms allowing for living spaces and bedrooms to feel dull and dark.

2. Flooring

If carpets look tired, tatty and threadbare, it's a good idea to replace them, if your budget permits. At the very least, professional carpet cleaning can make a huge difference when it comes to brightening up a room.

So when it comes to wood or tiled flooring, look at products that allow you to repair the finish of your floor. Replacing these floorings are expensive and a waste of time. There are products in the market tailored to fixing small chips, scratches and holes for your homes.

Depending whether you have high gloss or matt finished wood flooring, as you might need polishing needed to create a even finish across the whole area.

3. Be your own critic

Start by casting a critical eye over your home yourself, picturing it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Try and think about the tastes and requirements of the type of person who might buy your home, whether it be a family of six or a couple without children. If it is a family home, you may gear your changes towards a family-friendly layout.

4. De-clutter

Make the most of every inch of drawer, cupboard and wardrobe space that you have by removing unnecessary clutter. This will open the space up and leave room for the imagination.

If you have somewhere to store it, you can even remove two or three pieces of furniture from each room, to really show your home's features and create a spacious feel.

In the kitchen, clear away toasters and kettles to give a clean finish to the room. Using the storage under your kitchen benchtops allows for an easy way to develop a simple clutter free kitchen

5. De-personalize

You've likely spent years personalizing your home to perfection. Now it's time to undo your hard work! Eliminate personal effects so that your home becomes a place where potential buyers are able to envision themselves living. In particular, replace photographs with more generic artwork.

SIMPLE is the key word here!

You want to try and bring your colour tone back to a normal neutral level, giving the buyers to imagine what they could do with your home.

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