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For glazing brush retouching of the finest grains. To refill the Felt Touch-Up Dye Pen and shading of Colour Touch-Up. For coloring of Rex-Lith Transparent and Wood. Only for indoor use.



Fast drying, transparent glaze. Sticks to all clean, grease-free surfaces. Touch-Up Dye does not add and does not attack the paint surface. Application of color is smudge-proof and waterproof. Not suitable for untreated surfaces.


To meet the highest demands on touch-up work, we recommend to apply the Touch-Up Dye with the Red Marten Brush.


Product Designation: 

- 220 000 -112: 1x 28ml Standard colours at choice

Per Box

- 220 000 - 115: 5x 28ml Bottles Standard colours at choice

- 220 000 - 116: 10x 28ml Bottles Standard colours at choice

- 220 715 - 116: 10x 28ml Bottles Series 715. Wood shades


Instruction sheet
Technicial data sheet
Safety data sheet

Touch-Up Dye

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