To freshen up grey and dull appearing veneered and solid furniture which were treated with nitro lacquers (one-component lacquers). Removes water and alcohol stains. Surfaces regain their natural appearance. Not to be used on untreated, waxed, lyed wood surfaces, lacquered softwoods/conifers, physically drying water lacquer surfaces and on woods varnished with lightening lacquers/UV-absorbers.



Solvent-based product. Reactivates and maintains the surface while providing a slight surface sheen. Slightly dyed compound based on organic solvents combined with high-quality oils. Intensive cleaning properties. Provides a slight surface sheen. Reactivates nitrocellulose paint surfaces. Refreshes the lacquer – grey hazes disappear. Solvent-based product.


Product Designation:

- 501 000 - 600: Stain Remover, 1 litre

- 501 000 - 603: Stain Remover, 10 litres

- 501 000 - 604: Stain Remover, 30 litres


Technicial data sheet
Safety data sheet

Stain Remover