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To seal repairs without showing overspray and to adjust the sheen of the surface. For indoor use on wood, décor and metal surfaces. New soft spray technology: considerably less spray mist, a smoother and pressure-reduced spraying and an even finer spray mist.



 A transparent nitrocellulose-based combination lacquer. Sheen levels deep matt through gloss. Free from formaldehyde and aromatic substances. Good steam resistance. Dust-dry after approx. 5-10 minutes – dries to the touch in about 20 minutes. Suitable to build up a coat of very thin layers. Good adhesion properties. Good mechanical and chemical resistance.


Product Designation: 

- 336 300 - 240: deep matt, 400ml per can

- 337 300 - 240: matt, 400ml per can

- 338 300 - 240: silk matt, 400ml per can

- 339 300 - 240: silk gloss, 400ml per can

- 340 300 - 240: gloss, 400ml per can



Technicial data sheet

Safety data sheet

Special Repair Lacquer PLUS

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