To clean plastic and lacquered wood surfaces. To remove spray mist and to adjust gloss sheen deviations.



White sanding side: To dull shiny patches e.g. after the filling with Hard Wax and Hard Wax Plus.
Green polishing side: To create a gloss sheen on matt surfaces without damaging area surrounding the repairs.


Product Designation: 

- 411 001: Sanding and Polishing Cloth, 1x 3cm by 4.5 cm

- 411 000: Sanding and Polishing Cloth, 1x 10cm by 13 cm

- 411 000 - 402: Sanding and Polishing Cloth, 5x 10cm by 13 cm

- 411 000 - 403: Sanding and Polishing Cloth, 10x 10cm by 13 cm


Sanding and Polishing Cloth