• Clean working
    Thanks to the cartridge system, there is no longer a risk of splashing or leaking of the colour making it possible to even work cleanly on difficult to reach areas and overhead.
  • Flexible colour play
    The colour cartridges can be exchanged during one working cycle as often as desired. Thus, there are no limits of colour mixing for the user. The cartridges are available in a huge variety of colours.
  • Efficiently and economically
    Being reclosable, the colour cartridges make it possible to process small quantities. They can be stored and reused. Spot application and thin layers of paint ensure short drying periods.
  • Easy to clean
    A cleaning cartridge ensures cleaning in seconds.


Out of a smart idea, a real innovation was created. The two medium-sized and long-established companies Heinrich König and Krautzberger developed in close cooperation a manual spray device of a very special kind: A new spray device not just convincing because of its attractive design and its ergonomics, but also because of its excellent handling matched to the user: It lies perfectly in the hand and convinces by its easy handling and user-friendly technology.


The key is the combination of the spray device and the exchangeable cartridges. The paint supply of the Krautzberger device takes place by means of the lacquer cartridge from König which is pushed into the device with simple hand movements and is immediately ready to use. The time saving is enormous thanks to the quick changes and by reusing the closable cartridges material is saved. There are no limits set to the variety of colours and resources can be saved.


Product Designation:

- 409 030: King complete set: with nozzle unit Ø 0.3 mm and hose with quick coupling

KING Spray Device

King Spray Device