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For use on décor pearl texture surfaces (solid colours) to restore the texture after a repair (e.g. with Hard Wax PLUS). Finally, the treated area must be coated with the appropriate covering lacquer. A transparent spray lacquer to adjust the (pearl) surface structure after repair and touch-up work. Can be used on lacquer, décor, laminate and plastic surfaces with a relevant pearl structure surface haptics (kitchen worktops, window foils, automotive interiors etc.). For spraying onto small surface sections without showing any overspray. To seal repaired areas. For indoor and outdoor use.



Acrylic-based effect lacquer. Dries rapidly. Good adhesion to many lacquer and plastic surfaces (not to Soft-PVC). Good lightfastness and weather-resistance (adequate coat thickness required!). Overcoatable with PF Covering Lacquer.


Product Designation: 348 000

- 810 916 Effect Lacquer, Fine Pearl Texture, 400ml



Technicial data sheet

Safety data sheet

Effect Lacquer (Fine Pearl Texture)

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