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For the pre-colouring of damaged areas and for precise touch-up work on décor surfaces in interior and exterior areas. Possibility to extract dye to colour Rex-Lith Wood, White and Transparent.



To be used on wood, plastic and laminate surfaces. For a covering touch-up by brush on plain surfaces. For re-dyeing and for achieving basic shades in the wood shade sector. To cover the substrate in case of veneer abrasions. To dye Rex Lith Transparent, Wood and White 150-153.

For indoor and outdoor use.


Product Designation: 

- 1 x 28 ml. standard colours at choice

- 5x 28ml. standard colours at choice

- 10x 28ml. standard colours at choice

- 240 750 - 118: 10x 28ml.Series 750 White-grey shades

- 240 710 -118: 10x 28ml. Series 710. Wood shades


Colour Touch-Up

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