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A high build lacquer to seal repairs and to re-lacquer small parts. For interior use on wood, décor and metal surfaces. Ideal for oiled and waxed surfaces. For new and re-lacquering in interior areas. Ideal repair lacquer when finished surfaces have to be reworked. A mobile spray system, especially for the aftersales service. Recommended for indoor use



Water-based transparent acrylic lacquer. The environment-friendly alternative to the Furniture Lacquer PLUS. Odourless. A physically drying, waterborne system. Different gloss levels. Low on odours. Will not yellow. Good adhesion properties. Limited UPVC-resistance (window and door gaskets).


Product Designation: 

- A342 00 - 242: deep matt, 400ml per can

- A343 00 - 242: matt, 400ml per can

- A344 00 - 242: silk matt, 400ml per can

- A345 00 - 242: silk gloss, 400ml per can

- A346 00 - 242: gloss, 400ml per can


Technicial data sheet
Safety data sheet

Aqua Clear Lacquer

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